By Sophie Mann, for USBA

One year ago, we had no idea who would be the front-runners of the 2016 election. Five years ago, Osama bin Laden was still alive. Ten years ago, the nation was recovering from Hurricane Katrina.

If life today can be so drastically different than it was one, five, or ten years ago, imagine all the changes you’ll go through in the near future. You may get married, expand your family, even switch careers or move across the country. Because you never know what the future holds, it’s important to make sure you’re prepared for anything.

Having life insurance is a great first step. It shows that you understand the importance of helping protect your family’s financial future. However, simply buying life insurance is not where your responsibilities end. Just as you would review your auto and home insurance, your life insurance policy should be reviewed once every year.

It’s necessary to make sure your coverage is keeping up with your family’s changing needs. For example, you wouldn’t buy a home and just live in it. Instead, you’d care for it by cutting the grass, maintaining and updating it as needed. The same should be true of your life insurance policy.

Let’s say you bought life insurance when you were in your early twenties. Maybe you were single (or newly married) with no children, and more likely than not, your current policy reflects that version of you. If your situation has changed since then, so should your level of coverage. At the end of the day, your main goal is to make sure your loved ones aren’t saddled with any financial burdens should something happen to you.

Instead of thinking of life insurance as simply a purchase, think of it as a relationship, ever-evolving as you change and grow. Why leave your family unprepared by not having enough or pay for more than you need? Taking time each year to reevaluate your needs is a smart way to gain financial peace of mind regarding your loved ones’ future and know your money is getting you the best value for your dollar.

Check out nonprofit USBA whose mission is to provide compassionate service to those who serve our country. Offered exclusively to current and former military members and their families, USBA offers a wide variety of products designed to fit the needs of our service men and women. From life insurance options for each family member to plans designed to manage your out-of-pocket healthcare expenses, they’ve got your family covered.

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