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Military families like yours make all kinds of sacrifices. In service to our country, you’ve taken on challenges and given up opportunities that civilians take for granted, despite having a similar vision for your family’s future. Maybe it’s a dream house, college for your kids, and what you’ll do after the military. Yet, if something happened to a member of your family, would your vision live on? Are you prepared, financially, for life’s worst-case scenarios?

For all that you have given to our country, you deserve the financial confidence that comes from affordable life insurance protection for every member of your family. With Military Family Life Insurance coverage from AAFMAA starting at just $12 a month, you can breathe easier knowing that your vision will endure, no matter what comes your way.

For your serving spouse, you may think, “We already have SGLI coverage from the government. Why do we need more?” SGLI only provides limited coverage that ends when you transition out — leaving you to replace it with coverage at much higher premiums, if you can get it. And while $400,000 of SGLI coverage sounds like a lot, it goes quickly when you think about paying for your mortgage, college tuition, and even just general living expenses without the income of your spouse. Not only is AAFMAA’s Active Duty coverage up to 34% less expensive than SGLI, but you can also get as much as $800,000 of coverage that stays with you when you leave the military.

Then there’s you. Whether you work outside the home or not, you contribute a great deal to your family’s financial security. Providing child care, keeping the house clean, and putting food on the table and clothes on your kids’ backs is no small thing. When you account for all the expenses you cover for your household, it is easy to see how quickly they accumulate. Fortunately, you can qualify for the same great affordable coverage that is available to your serving spouse. And having that coverage will help ensure that if anything happens to you, your spouse will have the financial ability to keep your family vision intact.

And although you may not have thought about it, you should cover your children, too. Buying policies for your kids not only locks in low premiums while they’re young and healthy, but it also guarantees future insurability and access to AAFMAA’s other products and services, as long as they keep the policy — even if they don’t join the military when they grow up. By covering them now, your kids will qualify for additional coverage at affordable rates no matter where life leads them.

AAFMAA’s Military Family Life Insurance includes protection for every member of your family, now and in the future, for as low as $12 a month. Whatever your needs, it’s fast and easy to apply. Visit us online at to start your application or call a Membership Coordinator at 877-398-2263 to get started now.

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