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35 Things Only a Military Spouse Would Find Romantic

Military life is different… and romance is no exception. What a military spouse may find romantic just might leave his/her civilian friends shaking their head in wonder.

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Our group of collaborators got sappy (perhaps a bit silly) and came up with a list of things that only military spouses might consider romantic:

1) Actually going to the barber for a haircut instead of asking me to do it!

2) When he walks in the garage door wearing nothing but silkies and socks and explains with a shrug, “We had the gas chamber today. I didn’t want to bring the CS gas particles in.”

3) When your husband stops by the shoppette on his way home from work and stands in line in his BDUs to buy you wine, chocolate and tampons…because you needed that last one and he’s a smart man.

4) Seeing his or her face on Skype during a deployment is always wonderful, but there’s nothing quite like hand written love notes in the mail from far away.

5) When he suggests we sneak out of a “Forced Family Fun Day” before the colonel has dismissed them. Be still my beating heart.

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