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35 Things That Irritate the Military Spouse

Military life is filled with many, many blessings. We have so much to be thankful for. But this lifestyle sometimes comes with quirks that really get on our last nerve.

When we can laugh about them or at least find comfort in knowing these things also annoy others … we find a great deal of stress relief!

Our wonderful group of collaborators came together to share the things that most irritate them. We have a feeling that this list could include way more than 35 items … so feel free to share yours in the comments section below!

1) Finally planning an event (birthday party) only to have a last-minute TDY send them somewhere just before the date.

2) Getting asked the question, “He doesn’t ever have to go overseas again, does he?”

3) The Sunday evening scrambles for a uniform piece they can’t seem to find.

4) Wishing you had a top secret clearance so your spouse could actually answer the question, “How was your day?”

5) The comment, “Oh, you are a stay-at-home parent… that must be nice!”

6) When they tell you they are bringing friends from work home for dinner… at 16:30.

7) I take exception to the men who tell me how easy it is and how lucky I am to have a woman take care of me.

8) The sympathetic tilt of the head and the “I just don’t know how you do it. I could never live “that way” when someone learns you are a military spouse.

9) Gear, gear and more gear! Everywhere!

10) Being called a “dependent“!

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