Military life is filled with many, many blessings. We have so much to be thankful for. But this lifestyle sometimes comes with quirks that really get on our last nerve.

When we can laugh about them or at least find comfort in knowing these things also annoy others … we find a great deal of stress relief!

Our wonderful group of collaborators came together to share the things that most irritate them. We have a feeling that this list could include way more than 35 items … so feel free to share yours in the comments section below!

1) Finally planning an event (birthday party) only to have a last-minute TDY send them somewhere just before the date.

2) Getting asked the question, “He doesn’t ever have to go overseas again, does he?”

3) The Sunday evening scrambles for a uniform piece they can’t seem to find.

4) Wishing you had a top secret clearance so your spouse could actually answer the question, “How was your day?”

5) The comment, “Oh, you are a stay-at-home parent… that must be nice!”

6) When they tell you they are bringing friends from work home for dinner… at 16:30.

7) I take exception to the men who tell me how easy it is and how lucky I am to have a woman take care of me.

8) The sympathetic tilt of the head and the “I just don’t know how you do it. I could never live “that way” when someone learns you are a military spouse.

9) Gear, gear and more gear! Everywhere!

10) Being called a “dependent“!

11) Congress threatening military pay and benefits at every turn.

12) When your friend thinks that $2 military discount must make it all “worth it.”

13) The suggestion that military children are from “difficult” backgrounds because they move frequently.

14) Getting used to saying “soda” on the East Coast and then moving to the Midwest where you get strange looks until you learn to call it “pop.”

15) When movers tell you they don’t unpack…when you know that is a lie. So you call TMO and they come back to unpack.

16) Navigating Tricare.

17) The concept of mandatory fun. Just make it fun, and we will go. Call it mandatory and no wonder you feel like you are pulling teeth.

18) Perpetual job hunts, many of which don’t end up in gainful employment.

19) Finding little inventory stickers on your belongings…weeks, months, YEARS after you move.

20) Trying to remember my last five addresses for any new forms I have to fill out.

21) What was my doctor’s name at our last base again?

22) Learning the seat belt laws in a new state. Are the kids out of boosters, or do they need to use them for their senior prom?

23) Having to find another “in case of emergency” contact at your new base.

24) The question, “So… where are you from?

25) Finding a great hairdresser in a new town. Honestly, finding a good gynecologist is easier.

26) Waiting for orders…so you will know if your life is going to be turned upside down…so you can single handedly find a way to turn it right side up again.

27) MYCAA eligibility rules.

28) The insane number of debt collection calls we get every time we get a new local phone number.

29) Tag chasers…enough said.

30) Being referred to as “JUST” National Guard.

31) Practicing breathing and relaxation exercises during birth classes with the instructor…because you are the only one without a partner.

32) Going to a gas station that requires a ZIP code to pay at the pump. What ZIP code? The one now, or where we just came from? Did I change that with the bank yet?

33) Having friends and family in all the time zones and constantly forgetting who you can call, at what time… and forget trying to figure out what time it is in Afghanistan with that weird half hour time difference!

34) Long lines at the post office…

35) Acting as an acronym translator for your non-military friends and family.

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Collaborators: Ashley Broadway-Mack, Monica Pugh, Rebecca Alwine, Cyndia Rios-Myers, Wayne Perry, Stacy Huisman, Erin Whitehead, Clarice Williams, Janine Boldrin, Michelle Aikman, Rebekah Sanderlin, Lucha Reyna, Morgan Slade, Tia Johnson, Katie Foley, Patt Donaldson, Kate Dolack, Jennifer McDonald, Bianca Strzalkowski.

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