At Home Military to Civilian Transition

3 Ways You Can Avoid The House-Buying Headache

As I sit here typing I can hear Chip and Joanna discussing how a little shiplap will fix everything and all I can think is that I wish there was a Virginia Beach equivalent of the Gaines…

Heck, I’d take my very own Drew and Jonathan Scott. Viewing an over-budget, perfectly-updated home in the best neighborhood as inspiration would be ok with me if I knew that an awful, outdated house would be transformed into the home of our dreams with only minor repair surprises hurting our renovation funds.

However, I don’t live in my own HGTV show. Instead my husband and I have decided to dip our toes into the home buying process armed with a good realtor, a polite financial guy, and enough Zillow searching to give me nightmares of Grandma wallpaper and carpeted bathrooms.

In the past year my husband and I have tackled one change after another (more on that to come later this month.) From the great un-geobacheloring to our first cohabitation to brand new civilian jobs for the both of us, we have found very little stability in our lives.

So, why wouldn’t we want to change one more thing and get out of our first apartment and into our first home?

Every year on our anniversary we discuss what goals we have for our next year. My husband surprised me when he said it was time to look for a house. I’d been thinking about it for a while, but not knowing if he wanted to stay on the East Coast, I wasn’t looking too seriously into the whole process.

Of course, since we were finally on the same page with our plans, our apartment complex left us a note 3 days later telling us we had 10 days to make a decision about renewing our lease. Here I thought Mr. Murphy was leaving us alone once we left the military community! No such luck.

Now we are fully invested in the buying process and learning the hard way that home buying isn’t for the weak of heart. For those looking to step into the world of real estate let me share with you the top three things I have learned to make things a tiny bit easier and maybe less scary.

And please know, I am not a realtor. I am just another military veteran learning as I go and wishing people had told me some of these things before I started searching for our forever home.

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