As a child, you may have gotten a stern talk about accepting unsolicited gifts, or going into a stranger’s home or car. While these threats certainly still exist, there are many more immediate and unexpected dangers that our kids must be wary of today.

It’s a new era of technology and connectivity. While this new technology improves our lives in many ways, it also brings new dangers. Reports of hacking, cyberbullying, identity theft and other cyber crimes are becoming more and more common news items: Estimates say that someone falls victim to online fraud every two seconds. When you hear stats like that, you think it will never happen to you or your kids. But if they aren’t armed with the knowledge to protect themselves, it might.

It can be hard to know what to tell them when you have this conversation, especially when children are often more skilled at navigating the cyber world than the adults around them. Use this guide, which breaks down some of the top issues kids have with cyber security, to help you navigate “the talk” of internet safety and cyber security.

1. Devices need to be locked, just like doors.

First and foremost, all electronic devices used by every member of your family should be secured. We have locks, deadbolts, motion sensor lights and elaborate alarm systems on our homes – our computers should be no different.

Security provider Kaspersy has compiled great kid-friendly guides to securing your computer and mobile device; share them with everyone in your household who regularly uses an electronic device!

Once you’ve talked, install security software together and involve them in running regular malware checks on all devices, especially the ones they use most, such as tablets, laptops and phones.

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