9 Snow Day Binge-worthy Shows on Netflix

Soooo that Nor’easter is coming down strong and leaving us all in the cold. Fight back. Don’t get dressed today. Crawl back into bed and take full advantage of the gift you’ve been given – the elusive Snow Day.

It could be worse. Your house could look like this:

Whether you’re house is a big ‘ole snow cone are not, pretend your locked inside with just your Netflix today. 💻

In honor of Storm Stella, we’ve pulled together the 9 Snow Day Binge-worthy Shows on Netflix. Watch a few pilots today. Watch a whole season. Whatever. You do you today. #FTW

9. Sons of Anarchy

Sons of Anarchy

Originally described as The Sopranos with motorcycles, Sons of Anarchy is violent, intense, gritty, and addicting. You’ll find yourself loving the bad guys, hating the good guys, and unsure what side of the law you fall on anymore. Plus, there are 7 seasons on Netflix, soooo, winning.