Military Moms’ Truck: For the Love of Food

It is the sort of military love story one might read in a book — two Americans meet abroad at a ski resort and they live happily ever after.

Well, it’s not just a story in a book, and there is so much more to the story than that. Carol Rosenberg, is the wife of a soldier, a chef, world traveler and entrepreneur. When she married her husband, she was a strong, independent and free-spirited twenty-something. After she married her soldier, she remained the same, and that is the story of Carol Rosenberg.

In the winter of ‘90/’91 Carol Rosenberg found herself in a quaint Austrian ski lodge, taking a pit stop during a “finding herself” trip, as she calls it. While working there, she met her husband. He was a fellow Minnesotan who lived 20 minutes from her growing up. When they met, he made it clear that he wanted to join Special Forces, and that the kind of woman he wanted to be with was a very independent woman.

Rosenberg was on board and thinks that there is important advice in that for all military spouses. “In today’s Army that should be a requirement for all spouses!” she says. “We’ve been at war for well over a decade, with no real end in sight. Prepare yourselves ladies!”

When they returned to the states in 1993, she became the wife of a Special Forces soldier.

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