Sweaters, boots and scarves. Football games and bon fires. Pumpkin muffins and hearty chili. There is nothing I don’t love about fall fun!

If you’re having trouble transitioning from fun in the sun summer activities to bundled up fall fun I have a few ideas for great dates (and family outings) and 2 tested and tried amazing recipes sure to help you get into the season.

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Outings Sure to Please:

1. Pick a Pumpkin

fall fun

Fall fun wouldn’t be complete without a trip to a pumpkin patch. See if you can find one that offers more than just a quick stop. Some bigger pick-your-own places will have corn mazes, fresh apple cider, and events for the family to enjoy together. And of course once you’ve returned home with your prized pumpkin you get to soak up more family time carving (or painting) your picks. Turn it into a competition to see who can get most creative with your designs or come together to make a family theme that will be displayed on the porch for all to see.

2. Get Into The Game

fall fun

From pee-wee sports to NFL games, this is the season for tailgates, fantasy leagues, and an excuse to paint your face team colors and get a little rowdy. If you don’t have kids or family members playing in local leagues and don’t have the budget for a live NFL game, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the fall fun of sports! Get a group of friends together on Sunday and have mini-fantasy picks. Whichever couple picks the least right has to host the next Sunday. It will give you a chance to socialize with the neighbors (or other command families) without always having to do clean-up duty.

3. Enjoy A Fall Brew

fall fun

Craft breweries are popping up left and right these days. Look and see what local brewery is releasing a new fall inspired brew and head out for the day. I’m a little biased and love Young Veterans Brewing Company in Virginia. Not only are they a veteran run company but their taproom is family and pet friendly. And with their ever changing food truck pairings it’s always a nice place to relax for a bit after a rough week. Try a local brewery near you for a classic Pumpkin brew!

4. Pitch A Tent

fall fun

Ok, you’re not going to find me sleeping in a tent any time soon. But fall might be the last chance to get in some outdoor adventures before the snow hits (unless you’re lucky enough to be stationed in Hawaii!) Maybe a multi-day camping adventure isn’t your thing. Get outside on a brisk fall fun day and take a hike. Load up the back of the truck with pillows and blankets for a stargazing night cuddled up with some hot chocolate. Find an apple orchard and pick a bushel for Thanksgiving pies. Just enjoy the fresh air and company of your spouse!

5. Enjoy A Fright Night

fall fun

I have yet to live in an area that doesn’t do some sort of haunted hayride or scary corn maze. While I’m a giant weenie, my sister doesn’t think fall fun is complete without encountering a ghoul or two. And if you’re not up for a big scary night out why not have a fright night movie marathon at home? For those with younger kids (or adults that are easily scared like me) pick out movies like Hocus Pocus, Casper or Halloween town. Make up some caramel apples, pop some popcorn, turn the living room furniture into a wonderful family fort and enjoy!

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