I stood in the aisle of Home Depot totally transfixed. No, I didn’t need it. But, I wanted it.And I wanted it bad.

Just imagine what I could do; imagine the emotions I could elicit: the joy, horror, and admiration.

All I needed for neighborhood domination neatly wrapped and within my reach, taunting my Griswoldian fantasy:

The Dremel 700 PK Pumpkin Carving Kit.

I debated for a good ten minutes before deciding that there were probably better things I could spend my money on that week. Until I drove down the block and saw a vast array of some of the most spectacularly carved pumpkins. Surely a knife hadn’t done that!

As such, I spent the better part of last Sunday (OK, like an hour) looking up some great ideas for Jack-O’- Lanterns. There’s always the classic Jack O’Lantern, but here are our top 5 favorite most unique pumpkin designs that will be sure to set your stoop apart!

1. The Military Inspired:

What a better way to honor your favorite branch of service than with a military-inspired Jack-O’-Lantern!  Better yet, if you live on base, might we suggest a little healthy competition with the neighbors—who can carve the best?  Winner takes the a special candy treat (or a spooky adults only potion!)

We love these ideas from Veterans United; they even provide military stencils to help you get started!

2. The Celebrity Inspired:

So, this Jack-O’-Lantern requires some serious artistic skill and some serious tools. But, we’re seeing many celebrity inspired pumpkins out there. Show off your talents by carving your favorite character–Megatron, Walter White, Sgt York as played by Gary Cooper? The options are endless.

3. The Classic Jack with a Twist!:

Why not do the classic, but with a unique twist? We love the green lights! Check out any Dollar Store, Target, or Walmart for colored glow sticks and insert them for a fun change! And by the way, who says you need to carve a pumpkin? Try a seasonal squash!

4. The More Than Just a Face:

Who says every pumpkin is required to have a face? What about something equally as seasonal? We love these three pumpkins. Skull and Bones, Ghosts, or your favorite team logo.

5. The Monogram:

This is the ultimate Pinterest-inspired pumpkin. Carve your initial.. or don’t bother with the carving! For a knife-less spin, use a hot glue gun and add black buttons. Tie a ribbon around the stem for an added flourish. We love the spray painted pumpkin, too!
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