5 Ways to Stay Positive While You’re Alone This Christmas

Deployments always have their hard moments, but they can feel especially challenging during the holiday season. It can be difficult to stay positive when it feels like everywhere you look couples are basking in the holiday season together while you sit there drinking your rum and eggnog alone, but don’t worry you don’t have to be a Scrooge this Christmas. There are still plenty of ways you can stay positive while alone this Christmas. Here are some tips to keep your Christmas spirit up!

1. Volunteer

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Nothing makes you feel quite as grateful for your life, no matter what the circumstances, as volunteering does. Look for a local soup kitchen or homeless shelter, or meal on wheels and volunteer your time helping others this Christmas. The good will you will bring to others is bound to make its way into your Christmas spirit as well.

2. Host a Christmas Party

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Chances are that you’re not the only one near your station planning on spending Christmas alone. Instead of spending Christmas eating dinner for one, why not throw on your Santa hat and host a Christmas potluck? Invite all the solo spouses in your neighborhood, rent a bunch of Christmas movies and prepare for a good time!

3. Recognize that it’s ok to be alone for Christmas

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There are countless movies and tv shows spouting the message that “no one needs to be alone for Christmas!” In fact, there’s a whole movie franchise built around the message that being alone for Christmas is abnormal and scary, Home Alone ring a bell? But the truth is although Christmas is a special day, it is just another day and it’s ok to be alone on it. It’s ok to BE OK with being alone on Christmas.

4. Embrace being alone on Christmas

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You’ve recognized now that there’s nothing wrong with being alone on Christmas right? Well now it’s time to get all excited and plan all the fun things you’re going to do by yourself! We all have our favorite Christmas traditions, movies and foods! Well this is the year where you get to have and do all of your favorite Christmas things without having to compromise on anything! Want to watch Elf 10 times while eating nothing but mashed potatoes and green bean casserolej for dinner? You can! Want to eat the entire pumpkin pie by yourself without sharing? YOU CAN!

5. Arrange a Skype date

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You may not be able to spend Christmas with your spouse, but you may still be able to see them. If your spouse’s situation allows, try to arrange a skype date on Christmas with them. You may not be able to see them in person this Christmas, but maybe you can still “see” them. If you’re unable to plan a video date, try writing your love a letter telling them about how much you miss them this Christmas and can’t wait to see them soon. Connecting with your spouse on some level will make your heart feel a little fuller this Christmas.

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