Being a military spouse can be a little stressful at times, to stay the least, which is why every military spouse sometimes needs to spend a little time decompressing with a glass a wine and a good comedy TV series.

But finding a good TV show on Netflix can feel like looking for a needle in an ever growing haystack. There are so many options it can be overwhelming to know where to start. That is why I selflessly took it upon myself to spend hours with my couch and my popcorn delving through Netflix to find the best comedies on Netflix in 2015 guaranteed to leave you in stitches whenever you just need to sit back and laugh.

1. New Girl

Best Comedies on Netflix 2015

This series is still running but with over 60 episodes on Netflix, you’ll have plenty of watching to catch up on while you wait for the next season to wrap up and come out. At times it can be a little difficult to watch Jessica Day’s awkward fumbles in life, I often found myself cringe-worthy embarrassed for her, but you can’t help but love this series about Jessica Day and her roommates’ trials and tribulations on their very bumpy journey toward adulthood.

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