With the holiday season fast approaching, I’ve been feeling a little extra sentimental lately. Something about the new, crisp chill in the air, the shortening days and the gorgeous hues of fall leaves makes me long for nights curled up on my sofa with a cozy blanket, a cup of tea, and a movie.

And what better movie to watch than a military romance movie sure to make you swoon and reminisce over your own military love story? The following is a list of some of the best military romance movies of all time. I judged these movies both on their caliber of storyline and also on what truly makes a great romance movie, the ability to make me sob into my popcorn.

5. Top Gun (1996)

Military Romance Movies

The Gist: No compilation of military movies would be complete without this All-American tale of competition between pilots training at the U.S. Navy’s elite fighting school.

Military Romance MoviesWeep-O-Meter: Choked up sniffling. This fun, exciting and at times, heart-warming tale with also have you reaching for the tissues at some point as your heart cries out for the brave soldiers it centers around.

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