Military Base Improvements Make for Better Peace of Mind

As a soon-to-be military wife whose soon-to-be husband is facing deployment after our wedding in March, I’ve already begun thinking (worrying, really) about what his conditions will be like when he’s deployed.

When I think of living conditions for the troops, I think about the movies, the small cot in the old, tattered tent, the hastily put together plywood shack, the poorly insulated tin can container housing – but to be honest, I wasn’t sure if that was an accurate portrayal, so I did some research myself.

I came across a company called World Housing Solution that provides sustainable living facilities for the military. The structures are “rapidly deployable” (think Ikea meets construction), making them easy to transport and set up – no matter what terrain a base is located on. It made me a lot more comfortable with him leaving once I looked into these structures and saw what an upgrade they are – they’re insulated, they can run off the grid with solar power and their own water treatment systems, they just seem safer, especially considering they can also have ballistic resistance.

After talking with some friends who have gone through deployments, I learned that a lot of us have the same hopes and fears for our loved ones while they are away, but one of the biggest fears is their quality of life and how comfortable and safe they are. Companies like World Housing Solution give me peace of mind because imagining my husband sleeping in an actual building with insulation and walls opposed to a tent that is vulnerable to the elements and outside forces, makes me feel so much better as I lie in my own bed at home.

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