Why I Care About MilSpouse Bashing

The online bashing, ridicule and embarrassment of the military spouse community has been a frequent visitor to my timeline this week after an article on the subject made it on the front page of the Army and Marine Corps Times. As I clicked on the comment section of these pages, I was surprised that the nastiness so prominent in the conversation no longer bothers me. At this point, I could write you a script of every single negative comment that might end up on an article of this nature.

“If spouses would stop wearing their husband’s rank, this wouldn’t be a problem. You are NOT in the military. Get off your couch and go make something of your life and stop living through the accomplishments of your service member.

“Hahaha these comments are hilarious. I am a military spouse and not offended. You know why? Cause they aren’t talking about me. That word is for those fat, lazy women with too many children who just sit around all day, that is until deployment when they leave their throne to go sleep with every single Soldier who doesn’t find them disgusting.

“Screw you! This does happen all the time, these spouses who think they are entitled to something just because they married some Marine. How about you spouses quit demanding to be saluted at the gate, lose some weight, get a job… and then we won’t make fun of you anymore.

Sigh. And I didn’t even write you the Rated X version of the script. I’ll just let you imagine it. Or, go click on the comments for yourself.

I know what many of you are thinking: WHY ARE YOU READING THE COMMENTS?! Well, as someone who has worked in the digital media space for many years, and now owns a business that helps writers learn how to navigate this space effectively, it has always fascinated me to really listen to what commenters have to say; the good, bad and the really ugly.

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