This has been a crazy spring! Military Spouse Appreciation events are everywhere. I am proud to be part of Military Spouse magazine and honored to continue the tradition started by this wonderful publication that chose years ago to honor and highlight the great things military spouses do each and every day.

I am also delighted to have Armed Forces Insurance continue their sponsorship of Military Spouse of the Year. Their passion invigorates and uplifts me, and I know many of you have been the beneficiary of their commitment to military spouses.

Congratulations are in order to military spouses across the globe for all they do, not just during Military Spouse Appreciation month, but throughout the year. It is my pleasure to be part of the long line of military spouses who preceded most of you and to continue in many ways to do my best to make a difference.

People ask me all the time why I continue to be involved. I honestly feel it is my privilege to give back. I keep thinking about cutting back and taking it easy, and all my good friends laugh. What are you going to do with yourself?

We have been retired for almost five years now and I am happy. Happy to give back. Happy to be involved. Happy to connect spouses to great opportunities and to do my best through my personal Facebook page to keep all of you informed and up to date about all things military and veteran related.

It makes me smile when my husband and I walk into a restaurant or anywhere in town and someone comes up to me and thanks me for my Facebook page. Norty looks at me and always asks if I know that person. No, I don’t, but they know me through social media. So I continue to use social media and this magazine column for good and for sharing the many opportunities available to all military spouses. Retired spouses and active duty spouses are more involved than ever before.


Congratulations are also in order to all the organizations and companies who have followed our lead and honored military spouses. Companies big and small are following through on their commitment to hire military spouses. Nonprofits such as the National Military Family Association and Military Officers Association of America continue to find numerous ways to honor and also to employ military spouses. USO Metro invites our Military Spouse of the Year to events locally, and for the past two years has invited her to the Miss America Pageant.

So let me end this “Congratulations and Connections” column with shout outs to the just a few of the many individuals that make staying connected a happy, happy thing for all of us:

  • Lori Simmons at Armed Forces Insurance
  • Brooke Goldberg at MOAA
  • Elaine Rogers at USO Metro
  • Joyce Raezer at NMFA
  • Sue Hoppin at NMSN
  • Meg O’Grady at Kaplan University
  • Patty Barron at AUSA
  • Tish Stropes at Fisher House
  • Bonnie Carroll at TAPS
  • Laura Schmiegel at Booz Allen
  • Noreen O’Neil at the US Chamber of Commerce

This is a snapshot of the great people, organizations and businesses that continue to honor military spouses. I truly enjoy connecting with all of you and I join you in congratulating military spouses around the world!

Thank you all.

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