Military Spouse Team

Military Spouse Team

Military Spouse is the premiere milspouse network and central hub for helpful resources and connections. Find information and advice on deployment, PCSing, relationships, benefits, military families and more! We are here to help simplify your crazy wonderful military life!

Katherine Gauthier

Erin Whitehead

Erin Whitehead

Erin Whitehead is the 2010 Marine Corps Spouse of the Year. An author, speaker and vocalist she is the Creator of and is also the Director of Marketing at PCSgrades.

Guest Author

Kariah Manwaring

Kariah Manwaring

As Kariah pursues her passion to serve others and give back to those who have given so much, she leads the Digital Marketing production for Military Spouse and works behind the scenes to make it all come together. She was drawn to this organization by the inspiring and brilliant individuals involved and has thoroughly enjoyed helping to further the mission and engage with the vibrant military community. Kariah is truly inspired by the spouses the program recognizes. She looks forward to encouraging the military community to be influential in their own communities.

Morgan Slade

Morgan Slade

Stacy Huisman

Stacy Huisman

Stacy Huisman is a freelance writer and advocate with a passion for military spouses and children. She is a mother of two, reader of news and lover of wine. Being married to the Air Force for a decade has given her a front row seat into the life and struggles of the military family. She’s a strong advocate for military children and their challenges in education and transition.
In her “other” life, she worked in public affairs and project management for the city of Las Vegas for 14 years. She was the Executive Director for the Las Vegas Centennial. She had a hand in baking the world largest birthday cake, hosting a 100,000 person parade, marrying 100 couples at once, organizing an amazing Red Hot Chili Peppers concert and managing 450 other events, programs and public relations celebrating her hometown birthday!
She met her husband while he was stationed at Nellis AFB. She was whisked away on a crazy military spouse journey around the globe and hasn’t looked back since – only forward.
Stacy is connected to many aspects of military life. She writes for one of our other Victory Media publications - GI Jobs Magazine - where she features successful transitioned Veterans in the workforce. She continues to write for myriad of websites and blogs, including a mini-think tank she co-founded called Families on the Home Front. Stacy was published in the popular book Stories Around the Table - Laughter, Wisdom, and Strength in Military Life. She is also a judge for Operation Homefront's Military Child of the Year 2015.

Ashley Frisch

Ashley Frisch

Ashley is a California girl, born and raised in San Diego, California. She is a Paralegal by day and pursues her passion for writing by night. She also spends at least one weekend a month volunteering for Habitat for Humanity, a cause she strongly believes in. She married her husband, who is active duty Navy, after dating for 7 years in 2014. They currently reside in California with their extremely spoiled and extremely sweet golden retriever. Ashley first started reading Military Spouse after her marriage to her husband because she didn’t have any military spouse friends and was looking for more information on the military lifestyle. She has since started writing for military spouse and says she loves the sense of community and friendship she feels Military Spouse Magazine brings to both herself and other spouses.

Jen McDonald

Jen McDonald is an experienced editor and writer who’s been published in numerous national publications and several books. She’s also a coffee addict, wine lover, insomniac, and homeschool mom. She and her amazing Air Force husband have lived all over the world and have four kids, one who is now also serving in the Air Force. Look for her upcoming devotional book for military spouses! She loves to connect with other military spouses at, on Facebook at, and on Twitter and Instagram as @jenmcdonald88



MJ Boice

MJ Boice is a proud Marine Spouse who holds a B.S. in Social Psychology, is the mother of two teenagers (please pray for her) and works as a VA Benefits Advisor in DC. Her passions include: free-lance writing, volunteering and serious coffee consumption; all of which contribute to her “90-Nothin’, Grip-It-And-Rip-It” mentality.

Ashley Jacobs

Ashley Jacobs

Ashley Jacobs is a television news anchor and reporter, currently working at FOX 5 San Diego. She is a proud Marine Corps spouse and thrilled to parent two healthy children. Ashley has loved to tell stories for as long as she can remember and takes great pride in writing articles that matter to military spouses and families. Some of her career highlights include covering President Obama's visit to Savannah, Georgia, a one-on-one interview with Condoleezza Rice, and countless stories embedded with Fort Stewart'sThird Infantry Division during training exercises before deployments. Working as a military correspondent for years for both ABC and FOX affiliates proved to be challenging and rewarding and Ashley looks forward to telling stories for years to come!

Bri Phillis

Amy Byrne

Laurie Cowin

Rebecca Alwine

Rebecca Alwine is the President of the Fort Huachuca Community Spouses’ Club and has worked as a career counselor for transitioning service members. She has a Masters in Emergency Management from American Military University and a Bachelor of Arts in Geography from the University of Mary Washington.

Kiera Durfee

Kiera Durfee is an eleven-year military spouse veteran and is an avid writer, teacher, Netflix operator, doughnut eater, and procrastinator. She represented Utah National Guard spouses as the 2014 Utah National Guard Spouse of the Year and feels strongly about military spouses finding the communal and spousal support needed to navigate the tumultuous storms of military living. Kiera enjoys eating, exercising (in that order), singing, ignoring the laundry, and being with her husband and three little girls who are the very center of her life and who simultaneously drive her mad. In addition to being well-versed in hearty wit and sarcasm, she knows all of the state capitals.

Cary Love

Cary Love

Mindy Brewster

Mindy Brewster

Mindy Brewster is the proud spouse of a Navy Seabee and mother of 2 amazing daughters. Mindy devotes her time to family and friends as well as an advocate at each station helping other spouses navigate the Military Life.

Samantha Dean

Samantha Dean

Samantha Dean is a writer, wife, mom, runner, baker, and a would be professional pinner and volunteer. She has been married since March 2010 to Caleb, a Marine. They have moved three times, have two kids, have been through nine separations, and are now tackling recruiting duty in a small southern town.

Michelle Aikman

Michelle Aikman

Michelle Aikman is the founder and Lead Consultant of Skilled Assets, a premier career management and corporate consulting business. She's also one of only 38 Nationally Certified Résumé Writers worldwide. The NCRW is the premier industry certification upholding the most stringent standards for quality in mechanics, strategy, and formatting. With extensive “in-the-trenches” experience navigating the job market as a military spouse and engineer, she is an advocate for the military community and people with complex situations like major career changers and people with paid work gaps. Michelle promotes proactive career management and strategic career transition techniques so people can have the type of work that is truly fulfilling and fits with their life. She also works to transform the hiring market, helping employers recognize, capture, and retain high-value talent who are often overlooked for all of the wrong reasons. Find Michelle on Twitter and LinkedIn.

G.I. Jobs

Natalie Hayek

Natalie Hayek

Military By Owner

Military By Owner

MilitaryByOwner Advertising, Inc., a national leader of online real estate advertising to the military community. The website provides a great resource for relocating military families to advertise their homes, for sale or for rent and located near a US military base, in addition to finding housing at their next duty station.

Kate Dolack

Kate Dolack

Kate is the Editor-in-Chief of Military Spouse and a Marine Corps spouse. As Editor-in-Chief, she seeks to recognize and share with others the remarkable spouses and key organizations that serve our community. She, along with Military Spouse, works to address the most pressing issues that military families face today by providing resources, solutions and support. Many of those resources and solutions come from the knowledge and experience of the outstanding spouses that have been honored as past Armed Forces Insurance Spouses of the year. Kate is honored to serve as the Project Manager for the 2015 Armed Forces Insurance Military Spouse of the Year program.

Lauren Lomsdale

Lauren is a USMC spouse and mother to three beautiful, spunky girls. She loves to write about fitness, health and wellness, current events, education, and real mommy moments. When she isn't working out, writing, or chasing her kids you can find her drinking several cups of coffee and volunteering around her community.

Lauren Comer

Lauren Comer

Katie Christy

Develda Edgington, MFTI

Develda Edgington, MFTI

Develda L. Edgington, MFTI
Founder and CEO, DLE Enterprises, LLC
Personal Development & Leadership Training
Periscope: @girlzonfireinc

Jeremy Hilton



Jo is the author of Jo, My Gosh! a blog about her journey as a newlywed military wife. When she’s not working from home, she’s writing, reading, trying new recipes, watching sports or cross stitching. Catch her on Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook and say hi!

Ingrid Herrera-Yee

Ingrid Herrera-Yee

Suzie Schwartz

Suzie Schwartz

Cassandra Bratcher

Cassandra Bratcher

Liz Snell

Sean P. O'Driscoll

Sean P. O'Driscoll

Kate Reimann

Corie Weathers

Corie Weathers

Reda Hicks

Reda Hicks


Katie Foley

Katie Foley is the Marine Corps’ 2014 & 2015 Independent and Reserve Installation Marine Corps Spouse of the Year.

JJ Montanaro

Janine Boldrin

Tiffany Lawrence

I'm the wife of an amazing Marine, and mommy to our toddler twin girls. I'm also the Founder/CEO of Covered Cubs ~ a kids apparel brand that uses a little sarcasm & a lot of honesty to say what parents are thinking, while getting them to be more assertive about protecting their children. I'm also a public speaker who works with MOMS to give them the confidence, tools and GUTS to fiercely protect their kids and trust their instincts!

Kristin Bentley

Susan Reynolds

Alex Hopkin

Alex Hopkin is a candidate for the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ certification with a Bachelor’s degree in Finance from Florida State University. She is the cofounder of, a financial planning website specializing in service family financial topics. Her favorite area of personal finance is helping families plan for life events such as marriage, babies and the dreaded PCS.

Cyndi Rios Myers

Olivia Smith

Heather McCray

Pioneer Services

Pioneer Services

Beth Garland

Karen Poisson

Jenny Phillips-Levine

Babette Maxwell

Rebekah Sanderlin

Rebekah Sanderlin is an Army wife currently living with her husband, three children and rambunctious yellow lab near Eglin AFB in Florida. She's been a military spouse for almost 10 years and a journalist for 16 years. She began writing a blog called Operation Marriage ( about military family life in 2006 and her work has appeared in The New Times, The Washington Post,,, The Huffington Post,, Self magazine, Kiwi magazine, Maxim magazine, numerous regional magazines and newspapers and on National Public Radio's All Things Considered. She was a founding board member of Fayetteville Cares, has served on the National Leadership Team and National Advisory Board for Blue Star Families and on the advisory board for Jubilee House, in addition to volunteer work with her unit's Family Readiness Group and with other military non-profit organizations. She was a finalist for Army Spouse of the Year in 2012.

Zoie Hoffman

Bianca Strzalkowski

Kama Schockey

LaPora Lindsey

Kimberly Merritt

Kimberly Merritt

Natasha Harth



Alisa Youch

Angela Caban

Angela Caban is the 2013 New Jersey National Guard Spouse of the Year and the founder of the Homefront United Network.

Joe Maiocco

Shari Biediger

Shari Biediger

Tara O'Meara

Tara O’Meara is a military spouse and new mommy to a beautiful little girl. Tara meet her husband at Pennsylvania State University where they were both studying History. Since leaving her career behind to move with her husband’s career, she has enjoyed spending time as a Key Spouse, running her own photography business, and starting her own blog.

Rheanna Bernard

Rheanna Bernard is an Air National Guard spouse living in the Washington, D.C. metro area. She is the author of Cammo Style Love, a Military, Lifestyle and Vintage blog; and National Guard Families, a Facebook page for National Guard, Reserve and remotely stationed military families. She is a mother, volunteer, lover of all things Vintage, book nerd and Dr. Pepper addict.

Gabby Cantu

D'Antrese McNeil

Susan A. Vernick

Lucha Reyna

Traci Moran

Cristina Jaramillo

Kendra Lowe

Tricia Ross

Heather Gunn

Lisa Griffin

Lisa Kuecker

Lisa Kuecker is a serial entrepreneur at and the voice behind Ready. Aim. Empire >

Naama Krauz

Helen Birk

Jessica McGehee

Kristi Luchi

Melanie Simon

Brian Alvarado

Lauren Mendel

Shawna Robles

Rachel Howard-Collins

Jessica Rudd

Brittany Boccher

Stacey Benson

Lizann Lightfoot

Julia Kysela

Julia Kysela

Natasha Harth

Stacey Faris

Geri Maples

Shana Popovich

Susan Dalzell

Susan Dazell is an Air Force spouse who is stationed at Yokota with her husband. She is a freelance writer and has contributed and edited features for magazines and newspapers for more than 15 years. She has also edited staff publications for the University of Cambridge in England and for The Ohio State University.

Deanna Broome

Karen Hughes

Jeanette Martinez

Maggie Phillips

Reaghan Hayden

Tricia Clark

Beth Conlin

Deb Kloeppel

Kristine Schellhaas

Kristine Schellhaas is a mother, author, and speaker. She founded USMC Life in 2009 as a way to help inspire, connect and educate Marine Corps families. As a public speaker, she created the “Live, Laugh, Learn” military seminars and speaks regularly about her experiences as a military spouse on changes of perspective for families in military culture, and recovery from loss. She recently served on Military Officer Association of America’s (MOAA) Spouse Advisory Panel, where she is a champion for our children who have been drafted into the military lifestyle and has dedicated more than 10,000 volunteer hours serving military families.

Shannon Simpson

Gwen Camp

Karen Kight

Lindsay Bradford

National Military Family Association

Angeline Puckett

Jennifer Mullen

Jo Gartner

Jo Gartner is the 2014 New Jersey Military Spouse of the Year and a freelance writer.

Allie Struber

Lindsay Swoboda

Lindsay Swoboda

Anna Nemeth

Anna Nemeth

Crystal Lewis

Kerrie Haynes

Donald Vallentyne

Laura Russoniello

Morgan Morris

Sherri Ledford

Allison VanDenBos

Caylin White

Heather Laney

Clarice Williams

Jenny Stone

Maryetta Reese

Victor J Washington Jr.

Besa Pinchotti

Ellie Barbee

Joy Draper

Joy Draper

Joy Draper is an Air Force Spouse with 12 years of marriage under her belt and two kids that constantly remind her how inadequate she sometimes can be. She is a freelance writer and is a volunteer at several organizations focused on mentoring and supporting fellow military spouses and families. She is the 2015 AFI Offutt AFB Spouse of the Year. She serves as the Deployment and Resilience Coordinator for the Military Spouse Advocacy Network. She is also the Co-Chair for the Spouse Resilience Program at Offutt Air Force Base where she has spearheaded educating military spouses in resilience strategies to overcome trials and stressors military life puts on partners and families.

Amanda Condon

Chanda Nicole Holsey

Paige Kiser

Tiffany Pelton

Ari IsaacmanBevacqua

Daisy Martinez

Megan Setter

Walter Hurley

Walter Hurley is a content writer at eager to become a professional writer. Passionate about words, texts, and literature. He enjoys sharing his thoughts with large audiences.

Joy Goodrich

Simone Flynn

Amanda Dodson

Christi Ham

Kathlyn Clore

Lissa Navarro

Ashley Ashcraft

Dan Fazio

World Education

Felicia Davis

Julie Shirley

Amanda Spangler

Christina Honan

Livia Carpenter

Tia Johnson

Daniel Nichols

Melissa Moore

Wayne Perry

Julia Gibbs

Christina Riley

James Frick

James Frick

Kat Tretina

Rachel Jewell Porto

Teri Lathrop

Ashley Gleiman

Ashley Gleiman, Ph.D. is an Army spouse, mother of two, and a lifelong learner. She currently works as an Education Coordinator for Military and Community College Outreach at American Military University and serves as the Editorial Assistant for Adult Education Quarterly. Ashley has over 15 years of experience as both a military spouse and education advocate for military members, veterans, spouses, and their families.

Daniel Swanson

Jessica Thiefels

Jessica Thiefels is the editor of Whooo’s Reading and an education blogger, who’s been featured on such as PBS, TeachHub and FamilyEducation. When she’s not writing she’s enjoying like in sunny San Diego. Follow her Twitter @Jlsander07.

Kimberlee Richardson

Melissa Tamberg-Heffron

Sara Dunlap

Wendy Zarganis

Wendy Zarganis is a writer currently living in the DC area with her Air Force husband and family. Her diverse writing career has included covering the lucrative imaging supplies industry (that's ink and toner!) and writing features for online and print publications including and Northern Virginia magazine. She has a Masters of Fine Arts in Creative Writing which means she should be better at making stuff up.
Been with the Air Force for seven years and five bases.

Brittany Carambio

Leah Hormanski

Amy Conklin

Amy Conklin

Christine Lellis

Jamie McGillen

Kayleen Reusser

Rachel Stinson

Tricia McDonald

Jill Qualters


Milah Flores

Yolanda Morris

Brittney Mosher

Julie Steed

Leigh Marcos

Amy Page

Jana Wanner

Kristine Bedwell

Tamara Moller

Audrey Smith

Dawn Goldfein

Kristen Fredericks

Lex DeVille

Nichole Carrabbia

Andrea Barreiro

Craig Gilman

Craig Gilman

Craig Gilman is an education coordinator and online adjunct faculty member with American Military
University. He is a veteran who served in the Marine Corps as an infantry officer. Prior to joining APUS
Craig taught secondary social studies as a public school teacher in Virginia, international school in Seoul,
Korea, and public middle school in Tokyo, Japan.

Randy Behr

Shannon Patterson

Aimee Lorge

Caitlin Acox

Liesel Kershul

Nicole Spaid