Janet McIntosh, Army veteran and Army wife

Degree: Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies

Tips to Succeed:

1. Make your education a priority – You are going to have to make sacrifices. There are going to be nights where you won’t be able to go out with your girlfriends or certain events you would love to be a part of but you are not going to be able to. Your education needs to be a priority to you. I had to promise myself that I would not let anything get in the way of my education. It was that important to me, and when things like PCSing and money tried to stop me – I pushed forward and found ways around those obstacles.

2. Make sure you choose the school that is right for you – When I decided to go back to school, I did a lot of research and I asked many of my friends for referrals. There is nothing that puts your mind at ease, like when you talk to someone who has actually graduated from a school with a degree and is working. That is was one of the factors that made me choose Western Governors University. The other reasons I chose my school was because they were military friendly and I loved that they had a mandatory mentor program. That brings me to my third tip…

3. Have a support system – At my school each student has a mentor assigned to them to make sure they achieve their goals and stay on their path. At first I thought I would hate this, having to answer to someone, but I LOVED it!! My mentor was my biggest cheerleader and she helped me keep my education a priority. If you choose a school that does not have a similar program, I would recommend you choose a friend or family member who can play this role for you. It is also important to get your friends and family who love and support you on board. Let them know your goals and allow them to help you reach those goals. Have the type of support system, where you can ask a friend to watch your kids so you can focus on an important paper for a few hours or get some important study time in.


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