Tiffany Googin, Navy wife and Ombudsman

Degree: Bachelor of Arts in Psychology & Education

Married to her Sailor for 10 years, Tiffany is a committed volunteer of the Navy who helped to bring the COMPASS program to Naval Air Station Jacksonville in 2009. She has a passion for helping military spouses, and believes if she can graduate college, ANY spouse can. Throughout her educational career, she juggled deployments, detachment duties, working (sometimes full-time), her children’s diverse needs….and several Hurricanes or Tropical Storms that “interfered”!

Her half-glass-full mentality helped her reach graduation day and she provides her tips to succeed to help you get there too:

– Well, a sense of humor is NOT optional…get one, find one, buy one, barter for it, lol…whatever you do, don’t go through college without it!

– You MUST truly want this; this is not for the weak! Choose something you LOVE, something that drives your passion; it’ll make those long daunting papers a lot easier.

– While I did not need to use it, every spouse should enroll using the SOCNAV agreement. It’ll save you time, money, and heartache.

– With all the modalities to attend class, give ’em a try, see which ones work best for YOU. Online classes were more conducive to my family’s schedule, but I opted for in-seat occasionally because I missed the verbal interaction.

– Add a minor, or get wild and go for dual major NOT in the same field, but 2 that could “marry”. This will offer more portability AND career opportunities. Hint: do this early enough and the credits for that minor or extra major can oftentimes double as your required electives …more bang for your buck!

– Last – write down WHY you want to do this, and keep it on you ALWAYS, and especially as you march to Pomp and Circumstance!


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