How the Government Shutdown Impacts Military Spouse Education

During the government shutdown, some services relevant to the education of military spouses, service members and/or veterans will remain intact and others will be on hold.

The bad news……

  1. MyCAA Tuition Assistance for Military Spouses: Suspended
    -No new requests for financial assistance will be processed, however, those spouses  with claims APPROVED prior to October 1, 2013 will receive their funding
  2. Tuition Assistance for all branches: Suspended
  3. Installation Education Centers: Closed -Includes counseling services and testing centers
  4. Veterans Administration: -The GI Bill hotline: Suspended
     -If you use the “Submit a Question” button on the website: Suspended
     -VetSuccess On Campus operations: Suspended

Now, the good news……

  1. Post 9/11 GI Bill: Open -Education claims processing and payments.
  2. Department of Education (DoED): Open

       DoED activities have been curtailed and most employees are on furlough. However,as

       long as the shutdown is short-lived, the following will continue:

              -Federal student aid application (FAFSA) processing

              -Delivery of federal student aid, and

              -Federal student loan repayment functions.

       3.   Military OneSource: Open

               -Includes information and referral

              -Spouse Education and Career Opportunities (SECO) counselors will continue to

               provide comprehensive education and career counseling services. 


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