Then it sunk in as I realized…I had just been awarded a full undergraduate scholarship to Kaplan University!

I was in tears. Then, the horror set in. I had almost passed off the gentleman on the phone as a telephone scam! I was a bit embarrassed. I still wasn’t exactly sure as to what was going to happen or what to do but ThanksUSA guided me every step of the way.

Being the southern gal that I am, I immediately apologized for how I had responded to the gentleman who had initially called. Stefanie, who works with ThanksUSA, stated that she might need to speak to the team that notifies the awardees about how they present their information and we both laughed about my initial reaction.

I was immediately connected with Kevin Schmiegel, the President of ThanksUSA and Meg O’Grady, from Kaplan University, who are absolutely amazing. I decided to pursue a Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology in Applied Behavioral Analysis at Kaplan University.

I am about to start my third term with Kaplan University and have been honored by making the President’s List and being inducted into both the Golden Key International Honour Society and the Society for Collegiate Leadership & Achievement.

By obtaining this degree, I will be able to create the outreach program in our community, as my husband and I had planned on doing once we retired. My dreams are finally becoming a reality and I am still so very humbled by the opportunity afforded to me by ThanksUSA and Kaplan University. Meg and the team at ThanksUSA have been my biggest cheerleaders through my journey.

The one thing that I would like to leave with you is that there is no goal you cannot reach, you’re never too old and anything is possible if you work hard and do the best you can.

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