NMSN – San Antonio: Here’s What You Missed & How To Get In On the Fun Next!

What a privilege it was to attend the 2017 National Military Spouse Network Roadshow in San Antonio, Texas!

This was my first time attending an event where Military Friendly employers, fellow service members and military spouses showcased how to network and amplify your business and finances, while also sharing what employers truly look for in a prospective applicant.

By the end of the Roadshow, I left with more knowledge and empowerment to apply in my professional career.

Day 1:  The first day of this event was about how to set yourself apart and network when searching and applying for employment. I’ve attended many resume workshops and interview preparation workshops in the past, and it is generally the same information spill. However, we had guest speaker, Shawn Passmore, USAA Military Hiring Advisor, discuss what employers are truly looking for and how you can set yourself apart from the piles of resumes. Most Military Friendly employers recognize the unique characteristics military spouses generally possess. They know we have the agility to assimilate to new cultures and environments, and understand the commitment to accomplish a task and meet deadlines.

Additionally, Mr. Passmore provided a great tip on how to make highlight yourself at a career fair:

Do not ask an employer what jobs they have available

Research the company and job position you are interested and become familiar with the company’s mission and job requirements. Introduce yourself and discuss with the recruiter your interest in the company and how YOU can be beneficial to their company. Briefly highlight your knowledge and experience in that job field. Inform them what you will bring to the table. This will not only make an impression, but it also sets you apart from other applicants. Day 1 wrapped up with discussions about how spouses can put their best foot forward, researching salaries, compensation packets, and a Q&A about transitioning out of the military.

Day 2: This was the longest, but the most POWERFUL day of the Roadshow event! We kicked it off by learning and understanding The Courage Formula with guest speaker, Nancy Belmont, Chief Inspiration Officer and creator of The Courage Wall.


Talk about finding your inner strength and learning how to generate courage by taking your passion and power to overcome fear. We even created our own Courage Wall. The rest of the event went on to discuss topics of how to network, small business resources, finances, entrepreneurship, and lastly, Sue Hoppin, founder of NMSN, ended the event by showcasing her NEW and AMAZING business, “JobHoppin.”  This is a new job search tool for Military Spouses to search employment opportunities wherever they are stationed. What sets this new job search tool apart from others, such as Monster or Indeed is you’ll be able to search for jobs, create a profile, upload your resume, and have military friendly employers connect with you right there. It’s a one-stop shop!

Annie Beth Wehri says , “Last weekend I had the opportunity to attend an awesome networking roadshow in San Antonio,  put on by the National Military Spouses Network. I have to be honest and say that I was a bit back and forth on whether or not I should really attend, because I am a stay at home mom, and I don’t really network or have a business that I am trying to grow. I am so glad that my curious side won the argument and I attended, because I feel like I learned SO much in one short day. And even if some of the information given didn’t completely pertain to my personal situation, I learned valuable information that I can pass on to other spouses. The highlight of the day, without a doubt, was having the opportunity to hear Nancy Belmont speak. Nancy is a firecracker of awesome. She explodes with positivity and you just simply cannot help but feel good when she is around. Her words will resonate with me for some time, and I watched as she helped another spouse realize her dream. It was an emotional breakthrough moment that I feel honored to have witnessed! How amazing to have seen success and courage in action. To the NMSN, thank you for putting on such a great day, I look forward to attending future events.”

I had a wonderful and insightful time at the Roadshow, and I can’t wait to attend again next year!

If you’re interested in experiencing this amazing event, it’s not too late for you!! There are two more Roadshow events this year, Tacoma, Washington and Ft. Walton Beach Florida. It all leads up to the Big Event – The Summit. (Here’s what happened last year!!)

Learn more and get registered today, because you do NOT want to miss out on this…

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