• P



    Pacific Air Forces

  • PAYS

    Army’s Partnership for Youth Success program

  • PCA

    Permanent Change of Assignment

  • PCM

    Primary Care Manager

  • PCS

    Permanent Change of Station

  • PDA

    Present Duty Assignment

  • PEB

    Physical Evaluation Board


    Personal Security

  • PFE

    Promotion Fitness Exam

  • PFMP

    Personal Financial Management Program

  • PFT

    Physical Fitness Test

  • PIR

    Parachute Infantry Regiment

  • PIR


  • PL

    Platoon Leader

  • PME

    Professional Military Education

  • POA

    Power of Attorney

  • POC

    Point of Contact

  • POD

    Plan of the Day

  • POG

    Personal Other than Grunt

  • POV

    Privately Owned Vehicle

  • PRP

    Personal Reliability Program

  • PRT

    Physical Readiness Test

  • PSD

    Personnel Support Detachment – provides pay and personnel support for military personnel

  • PT

    Physical Training

  • PTSD

    Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

  • PX

    Post Exchange