We currently live in Washington state and my oldest child will be starting kindergarten this upcoming September. We have her enrolled at the same private school she attended preschool for. We will be PCSing to Newport, RI in march 2016 and then PCSing to Pearl Harbor, HI some time in late 2016 after the 2016/17 school year starts. My husband will have a TDY either before or after the PCS to Rhode Island for several months at which point my children and I will most like reside in Washington state with my parents. I are pretty sure we want to do some sort of homeschool or online school program while we are in Hawaii, but I am so not sure about what to do for school while we are in Rhode Island. We’ll only reside in Rhode Island for the last couple months of kindergarten and the first month of 1st grade. According to my limited research homeschooling seems to be quite a bit more work in Rhode Island. Sincerely, Amy F.


Dear, Amy F.,

Time4Learning’s RI page has information and resources to guide you on state laws. The Time4Learning RI forum has helpful information from parents in the state. It can be found here! HSLDA also has a page on RI as well as its other state’s homeschooling laws, found here, is always up to date. It will also be helpful to visit the RI BOE Homeschooling page.

Additionally, I would reach out to the school board. If you already have the PCS orders for HI, and the RI school board sees that you will be moving out of the state so soon into the year, you may not have to jump through all of those hoops.
There is also a Yahoo group that might prove useful. Thanks for your question!



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