I am a firm believer in the power of a good pep talk. Knowing that someone else is on your team, that they believe in you, is often the best medicine to remedy a mopey moment (or several). But who said that motivation had to come from elsewhere? It’s completely possible to give yourself the best sports-coach game-face talking-to you ever did hear.

I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve opened up a women’s magazine and read that cliched bit of self-help: “repeat this mantra to yourself every morning; it’ll change your life!” Sounds cheesy, right? However, there’s truth lurking in that classic spot of DIY therapy: simply keeping a few precious words close to your heart for when your zest for life is waning can, in fact, be an excellent — and easy — source of inspiration. And it’s a lot cheaper than a therapist!

These mantras are more than indecipherable “omming and ahhing”; they’re words that resonate with us military spouses oh-so-perfectly. Maybe you’ll find it useful to repeat them to yourself as you floss every morning; maybe you’ll just mentally bookmark them to return to whenever the going gets tough. Either way, take note of these punchy, motivational quotes, and use them to fuel your optimism and drive when you’re hitting “empty.”


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