13) The post office is back to normal!

12) We can save money on decorations that we will put into our garages until next year…and then of course forget we have them.

11) We can quit pretending like we are Martha Stewart’s younger sister. One of our contributors bought loaves of festive bread from Costco and wrapped each one in tin foil to give at events. She had three people ask her the recipe so far… now she can finally stop avoiding those questions!

10) No more looking at Christmas cards that are little mini – PR sessions.  We always feel like we are not nearly as happy as that other family looks!

9) No more tracking packages and wishing we’d spent more money on the express shipping.

8) We love all those extra parties, concerts, and get-togethers, but they can be exhausting and can really mess with the family routine.

7) Sure, the gyms are full again…but that just means finding more friends who are willing to join you in your fitness goals!

6) Our Pinterest boards are starting to fill up with pins about gardening, organization, and all things Spring!

5) We can put all of the negative things that may have happened during the year behind us and start focusing on a new one instead!

4) For many of us it means that we can officially say “Homecoming is THIS YEAR”!

3) Valentines Day care packages are always the most fun to put together!

2) We can put away the Christmas movie marathons for another year.

1) It is a New Year filled with hope, possibility and renewed spirit.  Make it count!

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