Family Support Resources

Military families are eligible for up to 21 days of non-chargeable leave following the placement of one or more adopted children in the home. These days must be taken within the first twelve months following placement and can be taken in conjunction with regular leave. If the family is dual-military, only one parent is eligible for the non-chargeable leave, so the family will have to decide which parent should apply for the leave days.

Eligibility for non-chargeable leave days is tied to eligibility for reimbursement. In other words, if you are eligible for reimbursement of adoption expenses, you are also eligible for non-chargeable leave days.

Dual-military families and single soldiers that are adopting may also be eligible for a four-month deferment of deployment or change of assignment in order to complete an adoption or welcome an adoptive child into. As with the 21 days of leave, only one member of the dual military family can take advantage of this resource. And just like the leave and reimbursement benefits, an adoption deferment must be requested within the first twelve months of placement.

In addition to these resources, adoptive families are also eligible for other kinds of programs that are open to all families with new children in the home. For instance, adoptive military families, like families of newborns, are eligible for the Family Advocacy Program (for high-risk kids), as well as the New Parent Support Program (for all new parents). Adopted children are also eligible to use any of the Child Development Programs and other childcare resources available where the family is stationed. You can find more information about how to take advantage of these resources at your particular installation by clicking here.

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