Dear Sally,

I know lots of people who hate base housing, but I really like living on base. Well, I did until my new neighbors moved in… they are driving me crazy! Their kids are running around screaming outside all of the time, they let their dog bark for hours, and I swear they bang on the walls of our duplex just to irritate me. How can one family make so much noise?! Our previous neighbors were great and all of the other ones are too. I don’t want to be a pain and fuss at them or report them to housing, but I can’t take this! Help!!

Slowly Going Insane


Dear Going Insane,

First of all, take a deep breath. You do have options here. I can’t promise they will be comfortable but you are already pretty uncomfortable (in your own home), right? You have to tell your neighbors, and I know how much fun that sounds. But, give them a chance. They honestly may not know that the noise is bothering you, although that seems a little hard to believe. Take over a welcome gift of brownies and introduce yourself. Once there you can open up a conversation about the noise. Be honest but kind and tell them that you are excited about having new neighbors but that you wanted to be upfront about something that was bothering you. Then, tell them that you insist they let you know if something you are doing is bugging them in return.

However, if this approach does not work, you have every right to make a call to the housing office. Most bases have rules about noise, like not allowing the dogs to bark, and housing should be able to address the problem with your neighbors. If all else fails, invest in some really good earplugs or a noise machine, and remember… thanks to our lifestyle this will NOT be forever. Either you, or your neighbors will PCS… and you can look forward to brand new neighbors who hopefully value peace and quiet as much as you do!

Sally Spouse

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