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It’s only been just over a week and most of us are still in disbelief. How, in an instant, were 26 souls stripped from this Earth in the blink of an eye? Most of us watched, as news unfolded, and a few details were released. The souls included twenty 6- and 7-year old school children, who, during their morning announcements, were shot multiple times. Each. Teachers, heroes really, were found huddled with their students in what was later described as a horrific scene.

When we talk to our grandchildren, the events of that day will be remembered as one of the most tragic events in our adult lives. As we look for meaning, and find there really is little, we slowly move forward to the next day.

Many online and social media outlets are offering ways to honor those lost. Ways that will help a few human beings with simple acts of kindness and good deeds. We offer this, as well: As you look for ways to make a difference in others’ lives, take a moment to reflect and consider ways you may make a difference in your own life, and that of your children. Take a moment to consider what matters to you, and how you can make each day last and lived in the best possible way.

Here are 26 pledges we think might be worthwhile considering… which ones do you think could have a positive impact on your life?

26 Pledges We All Can Make

26. I pledge to turn off the TV and spend more time outdoors.

25. I pledge to put down my phone/computer and engage with the people right in front of me.

24. I pledge to put”stuff” in perspective and remind myself what I really “need”.

23. I pledge to really listen to my kids, even when what they are saying doesn’t “seem” important.

22. I pledge to use my two ears more often than the one mouth I have been given.

21. I pledge to learn more about mental illness and to share the information with others so we can remove its stigma.

20. I pledge to talk to my kids more, and actually encourage them to talk back.

19. I pledge to ask for help if I am not coping well so that I can be a better parent, partner, friend and citizen.

18. I pledge to volunteer more within my local community.

17. I pledge not to live in fear but to be aware of clues in my surroundings that might pose a threat to myself or those around me.

16. I pledge to control my anger and frustration in front of my kids so that I am not teaching them that anger can solve a problem.

15. I pledge to empower my kids to stand up for what is right, against bullying, and how to act in an emergency.

14. I pledge to thank the people who make a difference in our lives such as teachers, nurses, first responders, and so many more.

13. I pledge to be kind to every person I meet, even when they are unkind to me.

12. I pledge to tell my loved ones how much they mean to me, every chance I get.

11. I pledge not to allow my children access to violent video games or other forms of media that contribute to a culture of violence.

10. I pledge to have more family dinners, game nights, or other activities where we can better connect.

9. I pledge to try and find common ground with those I disagree with the most.

8. I pledge to choose my heroes wisely.

7. I pledge to be happy.

6. I pledge to put my children first.

5. I pledge to get over myself and realize that most of the time it’s not “all about me”.

4. I pledge to reclaim the wasted time in my days.

3. I pledge to connect in person more, instead of relying so heavily on social media.

2. I pledge to teach my kids to learn from failure.

1. I pledge to savor today, because tomorrow is never promised.


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