A Man’s View of “Me Too”

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Me too.

No, I’m not a female. No, I haven’t experienced sexual harassment or abuse of any kind.

But I’m a husband and a father to two young girls. And I’ve personally WITNESSED sexual harassment in a variety of forms and settings. From the casual, obscene quip in a business meeting, to private conversations among guy “friends” who make crude and unflattering jokes at the expense of women.

It’s disgusting and it’s completely uncalled for. It’s time for guys to take a stand alongside the women in their lives. Because not ALL men are like this.

Not all men casually converse and target women – joking or otherwise.

Not all men make advances on females in inappropriate ways. In fact, in my opinion, sexual assault is one of the most deplorable and vile acts a human can do.

REAL men treat women with respect. Real men want the women in their lives to know what it’s like to be loved and appreciated. Real men will wait for their significant other to show they are ready for a physical relationship.

Harassment is perhaps most evident, and yet, disregarded in the workplace. I’ve worked in sports and entertainment – a male dominant world – where females have to work even harder to earn respect and acceptance. Men have used their positions of power to get away with bad behavior for too long.

Women feel pressure to put up with many not-so-subtle remarks in fear of losing their job or stalling their professional development. How is that right?

I can’t help but picture my daughters grown up and in professional positions. Will they face the same kind of harassment and scrutiny just for being beautiful, strong women? Even worse, will they ever have to fight off unwelcome physical advances from some disgusting co-ed? I shiver at the thought. It makes my skin crawl.

To all the men out there, picture your wives, daughters, nieces and close female friends in your lives. What kind of future do you want for them? One where they feel uncomfortable, unappreciated, undeserving, and fearful? Or one where they feel encouraged, safe, loved, appreciated, and highly valued?

I hope it’s the latter. If so, you have a responsibility to join women in the fight against harassment and abuse. If you witness it, put a stop to it. It’s not cool to joke about women, put them down, or disrespect them in ANY way. If you yourself have been guilty, apologize and ask for forgiveness – and for goodness sakes, don’t repeat your mistakes.

This isn’t a men versus women issue. It’s a human decency vs. indecency issue. Which side are you on? Stand strong in support of all women. Just because you don’t harass women, doesn’t mean you’re a part of the solution. Actions speak louder. Be sure your actions and words honor God and honor all of the women in your life.

Let’s start a new “me too” rally cry.

If all the men who believe women should be respected and loved in an honorable way wrote ‘Me too.’ as a status, we might show a united, strong opposition to the problem.

Me too.

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