Free Pet Adoption for Military Families

A growing number of organizations are reaching out to connect military families with pets who can improve their lives. We wanted to spotlight one today: Pets2Vets, better known as P2V.

P2V is a non-profit organization that strives to help military men and women (veterans, active-duty, and retired, and their spouses and families) who may face physical or psychological challenges.

The folks at P2V realize that deployment affects not just the soldier, but the military spouse and family as well, and once that soldier returns home, the adjustment can sometimes be tough for everyone. So they’ve found a way to help ease those transitions.

Here’s how it works: P2V pairs a military family or service member with a loving shelter animal who might otherwise be euthanized. The incredible power of the human-animal bond, and the unconditional love of an animal, can promote healing for the entire family.

One P2V adopter, a veteran who served multiple tours in Iraq, returned home and was soon diagnosed with PTSD and TBI. He had trouble re-connecting with his family. At his wife’s urging, he contacted P2V and soon adopted a 4-year-old terrier mix. The dog was named Shaggster.

Here’s an excerpt from a letter he wrote to P2V after the adoption: “My wife is happy we have someone else in the house now. I’m happy and so is she, and it’s because of Shaggster. We will all get through this together… Shaggster will help us relieve our stress.”

P2V strives to help as many military families as possible. Interested?

You can fill out an online application at their website (, and then one of their adoption coordinators will get back to you in three to five days. Once you or your spouse are approved as an adoption family, you go to your local shelter or rescue, and choose your dog.

P2V supports you by paying shelter costs, providing a gift card for basic supplies, paying for one year of pet health insurance, and giving you access to a world-class canine trainer. “We want the adoptions to work for you or your spouse, and for the animal,” the folks at P2V told Military Spouse. “We believe in the adage: A dog is man’s and woman’s best friend.”

You can reach P2V at 877-311-4287 or at

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