After two years, a PCS move, and the prodding from my loved one- I made the appointment, talked to my physician who despite my fears was more than understanding and supportive. We worked out a plan of counseling and medication. I’m still traveling this road, but the most important point I hope to penetrate your minds is this: I can feel warmth of that fire even on days when the flame is flickering.
Confronting my anxiety has reaped rewards, comfort and peace. I no longer feel alone. I still have hard days, but hope above pessimism thrives even on those days. Anxiety is the metaphorical Voldemort no more. I’m coming out, I’m yelling its name for all of you to hear. We can no longer let mental health hide in the alley ways…forget the stigma.

Fight the stigma by being open and unashamed even if it scares you and make your heart pound out of your chest.

We have to change the way we approach mental health. We can no longer nonchalantly hashtag our way to solutions. We need to be the solution. You are not alone on your path, even if your mind has convinced you that you are. We walk hand in hand fighting the same foe together and if we can find a few moments of courage, we can create a whole chain of linked arms until the darkness is over powered by light. Our light. Our fire.

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