8. You’ll want to say “let it go,” a million times but don’t — JUST DON’T.

Elsa is not an anxious person’s most favorite person. The task of letting things go is a daily battle. If it were as simple as just telling their brains to let things go, anxiety and all its sisters would be completely nonexistent. Anxiety doesn’t work like that. Anxiety latches on to details and lives in memories. Understand this.

9. Anxiety is not always dressed the same.

Anxiety doesn’t makes sense to your partner most of the time. Sometimes it manifests itself like it always has other times it takes on new looks. Frustration, depression and irritability are all common costumes.

10. You are ever important to them.

The greatest relationships are built in times of struggle. Individuals that suffer with anxiety will never forget the faces that beamed hope when their inner hope was dim. They will forever remember the details of your kindness, patience and love. Most of all their want for happy times with you will be a driving force in overcoming the challenges of anxiety because your happiness is a driving force for them. Know that you are loved, and that your partner is eternally grateful for you, for your love and that love is reciprocated fiercely.

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