27. I put a Welcome Home Sign on our front door of the stairwell apartment in Germany.

28. Buy a onesie for a baby born during deployment and write “I’ve been waiting my whole life to meet you” on the front and “FINALLY” on the back!

29. Keep expectations in check! Things may not go perfectly… in fact, they are almost guaranteed not to go as planned! Be flexible and go with the flow.

30. Before hiring a homecoming photographer, make sure your service member is comfortable with that idea.


31. A very important combination of preparation for homecoming? Yoga classes and effective birth control!

32. Sign idea: “FREE HUGS FOR DADDY!”

33. Arrange for a babysitter to take the kids for a couple of hours on day two or three (check with the command… some military members may have to report back to duty right away for various inspections, etc.)

34. Plan a “holiday” day for a few days after they are home and settled. We once had a party where we started out in Halloween costumes, had a turkey dinner for lunch, opened Christmas presents, had a BBQ for dinner and exchanged valentines, and then wrapped up the night with a New Year’s Eve party!

35. Sign idea: “Welcome Home! Let’s get started on making a deployment baby!”

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