2. The Clean Freak

Close quarters and shared spaces with others while on deployment can mean stinky lockers and stale air. When my husband spent eight months on a carrier rooming with four other guys, their top care package request was air fresheners.

Scented candles and aerosols are a bad idea, but car air fresheners and odor neutralizing gel are a safe way to keep stank at bay. Mesh laundry bags are handy, and deodorizing packets like DampRid absorb moisture from clothing to prevent mildew.

Your hygiene-conscious honey may also appreciate a pair of flips-flops for wearing to and from the showers, along with a small shower caddy packed with his or her favorite body and haircare products.

Add replacement loofahs, toothbrushes, and razors to care packages often.

**A stash of travel-sized wipes for all occasions (antibacterial, facial cleansing, etc.) and gum or breath mints will keep your spouse feeling fresh in a pinch.

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