4. The Social Butterfly

If your spouse thrives off of camaraderie, he or she may favor gifts that can be shared with fellow service members. Think video games, board games (Cards Against Humanity, if you want to make things super awkward), movies, and TV shows.

Creating a movie night-themed care package with microwavable popcorn and candy can be a sweet surprise for the whole group, especially if it includes a new release that they would normally have to wait until returning home to see.

Crowd-pleasing packaged snacks are nice, but communal goodies don’t have to end there; best-selling books and news or travel magazines are great options too. If your spouse has the space, a football (sent deflated with a pump) or dart board can help spark some friendly competition.

Whether your spouse represents all or none of these traits, you can never go wrong with sending pictures and news from home.

Personalized photo calendars (with the homecoming date enthusiastically circled), handwritten notes, and children’s drawings help keep your service member connected to family. Really, no magazine or snack will ever engage your spouse more than the life that you share.

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