Dear Deployment

Article by Jen Schloux

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Dear Deployment,

I want to apologize for a few things… you must be so disappointed.

Where do I start?

Let me start by saying I am sorry you didn’t win, not only did you lose, but you really bit the big one! You set out to break us, and got your butt handed to you and then some.

You put my strength to the test, and I have to admit, I was worried. So… thank you for making me realize how strong I am. My heart felt like it was getting ripped from my chest so many times, but I realized when I looked deep within, I broke your grip and busted some fingers in the process.

You tried to get into my head, make me think the worst, convince me I had no chance of survival… but I realized how fortunate I am to face the odd’s with a strong mind and brave heart. You took hours of sleep from me, trying to exhaust me physically… but my body fought back and adjusted. How sad it must have been to realize how much I persevered on such little rest.

You took the holidays that meant so much to me and left me sitting all alone, but guess what? With just one phone call from my husband, the loneliness was gone in record speed. I realized it’s simply just a date on the calendar; I can have my Christmas any time I want.

You took some friends from me, but I found love and support in amazing women that I would have never met without you. Friends for life! Thank you, because now my cup is overflowing.

You tried to take my confidence… but I realized I am worth a lot more than I ever thought. You tried to take my will… but made me realize anything is possible. You tried to take my compassion… but made me realize that compassion is so much more than a feeling; it’s an action that makes the difference in someone’s life. You tried to take my patience… but I realized things are worth waiting for, and there is a reason for everything.

You hung a sign in my head that says “life is unfair”… but I realized when I turned that sign around, the other side said “life is what you make it!” A black cloud covered my head… but I realized I can dance in the rain. I also realized that sometimes a rainy day with a good book is a good thing… I needed a break!

You put people in my path that challenged my determination… but I realized how important it is to stand up for myself and others when something just isn’t right. You took my legs right out from underneath me more times than I can count, but you forgot that I had people that would never let me fall.

I realized a leaky sink, flat tire, or yard work are so rewarding when all is said and done. Thank you for teaching me to handle the unexpected, and realize it’s really no big deal. I realized how important it is to enjoy a sunny day, go for a ride, and just take time for myself …what a great feeling.

Yesterday I broke down, and releasing those emotions felt so good! Thank you for making me so much stronger today… I have a million things to accomplish!

You made me realize I was taking life for granted, thank you for making me enjoy new adventures I would have never taken.

You have me sleeping in a bed alone… but my husband calls to tuck me in. You made me realize how important my animals are. They give me unlimited and unconditional love. You separated us, but you forget he left his heart with me and took mine with him.

So I am sorry you really put a lot of effort into this. One thing you did right was make me a woman I would have never been without you. I have a marriage that is strong, a heart that can’t be broken, and a husband that I can call a hero. Thank you.

Thank you, but at the same time… you can kiss my red, white and blue…


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