7. Check out local cosmetology or massage therapy schools for discounted services.

Military income may not afford us regular spa days, but scouting out this little-known resource can get you pampered on the cheap.

8. Create a babysitting rotation.

If childcare options are scarce in your community, team up with your fellow parents and organize an afternoon wherein half of the parents watch the kids while the other half gets a break, then switch roles at the next babysitting night

9. Have a weekly movie night.

No decent theater in town? Recreate the experience—either indoor or outdoor—with a movie projector, a white backdrop (a hanging sheet or blank wall will do), and comfy seating. Invite fellow spouses and their families. Offer classic theater concessions like popcorn, nachos, candy and drinks

10. Explore local colleges for concerts, live theatre and art exhibits.

11. Host a wine club.

Invite each of your fellow vino enthusiasts to bring a bottle of his or her favorite wine for sharing. Let each tasting party feature one varietal or country of origin to seek out the best chardonnay or the best of Argentina available in your area. It does not have to be about wine either. Create a club that showcases beer, desserts, cigars or whatever interest you share with a handful of others. The point is that you have fun and try new things.

12. Utilize the community center, pool or bar on base to throw a party.

Contact the MWR office for booking details and rules regarding food and alcoholic beverages being allowed into the venue. Take advantage of the space and seating to host a game night, 80s party, or whatever excuse you need to cut loose.


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