4) You are just tired of the military. Come on, we all love the military. We support our military 100 percent and are super proud of everything they do. But…

Sometimes you just need a break. Living off base allows you to escape military life, if just for a moment.

Sure, you will still have the annoyances that everyone who lives in any vicinity to other human beings experience.

But, on those “don’t freaking talk to me in acronyms” days, it can be nice to drive into your civilian neighborhood where only a few folks here and there are military.

It can be nice to pretend, if just for a while, that you have lived here forever and will get to stay forever.

Your landlord might even let you paint the walls and your house probably won’t have the same floor plan as every single person on the block.

Some military families decide to ditch the whole landlord experience altogether and buy their own home. We have not yet taken the plunge into homeownership, but I can certainly see the appeal… even when it is a gamble against potential orders.

Being able to do what YOU want with YOUR property is something many military families dream of doing one day. Moving off base might afford some families the opportunity to go ahead and accomplish this goal, while they are still serving.

It takes all kinds of folks to make this world go round, and the military community is no different.

For some people, being immersed in military culture and life is a place of comfort. For others, there is a real need to escape.

Some folks enjoy purging their lives of the extra stuff on a regular basis and others hold on to too much in an attempt to hold on to the people and places they miss dearly.

Some folks have been lucky and always seem to land in a spot where the housing office seems to be perfect and others have always had the short end of the stick.

And some people love the close knit community of living and working and shopping with the same folks, while others just really don’t want to worry about who is watching them on the worst day of their month.

We want to know: What are the reasons you have decided NOT to live in base housing?


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