Myth #2- You will find the perfect outfit that is weather appropriate and look stunning in pictures.

Now I’m NOT saying you won’t find a great outfit. That is not it at all.

It’s just that we all know that the weather man on the news gets paid EVEN IF he gives the wrong forecast… and when it comes to homecoming day, Mr. Murphy loves to get in one last deployment hit.

My deployment ended in April in Virginia. Normally it’s shorts and t-shirt weather by then.

But since a Carrier Strike Group was pulling into port, it was a balmy 60 degrees with beautiful grey skies threatening to dump a ton of rain on all the waiting families.

Wives that had purchased the perfect red, white and blue dresses were bundled up in their winter coats and husbands were waiting with pink ears and noses.

Not exactly what families had planned for those homecoming moment pictures.

And anyone that lives in the Carolinas knows that homecoming day will inevitably be the hottest, most humid day in the middle of summer.

I’m not sure there is any way to feel sexy when you’re standing in a hangar waiting for the planes to land and sweat is dripping down your back. If someone knows the secret to looking fantastic, then please share it!

I know the desire to have the perfect outfit is something women worry about more than men, but you have to remember something– your spouse probably wouldn’t care if you showed up in your pajamas and bedhead (or in a dinosaur costume)!

They are just so happy to be home and to see you again they aren’t really worried about what you’ve got on.

And heck, with any luck, it will end up on the floor soon after you make it home anyhow!