Myth #3- Once your spouse has feet back on American soil, everything is going to go back to normal.


From what I hear, that’s just a setting on the washing machine. What is normal?

This is the military we’re talking about! Families may be reunited, but that doesn’t mean it is always going to fall back into a good groove right away.

It takes time to adjust to each other again.

Parents that have been doing all of the work back home now have to figure out how to share responsibility and not just be the bad cop all of the time.

Service members that have lived in their deployment bubble have to remember what it’s like to drive a car, shower without shoes on, go out in public without scanning every face for danger.

The transition back into your “normal” is going to take time. That might mean that your spouse needs space to adjust to being back home.

Or maybe you need space, because your spouse wants to be your shadow after being away for so long.

Sex might happen like you’re on your honeymoon. Or it might be as awkward as your first time together again.

It’s okay!

All the weirdness does fade as time goes on. You just have to give it time and be patient.

Both of you need to be understanding of the changes that come with reintegration and you’ll find your new normal in no time.

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