12. Get ready to fall in love all over again.

13. Line up a babysitter for the second night (or afternoon) your service member is home.

14. Buy a new battery for the car you forgot to start for six months.

15. Obsess over an outfit and shoes that really just needs to look good in a pile on the floor

16. Kiss Murphy GOODBYE! (Until next time…)

17. Attempt to get a bright red “Welcome Home” off the floor of the garage in your rental property because you forgot to lay that tarp down under the full-sized sheet.

18. Have extra candy at the ready to throw in that “deployment countdown” jar for the kids in case (let’s be real: WHEN) the date changes.

19. Tell yourself that the homecoming time will change, but still get disappointed when it’s 46 hours after you anticipated AND your photographer has left for vacation.

20. Transition out of the “all mine” phase. “MY car. MY bed. MY house.”

21. Clean out the fast food wrappers from the van. Nope. We all ate organic the whole time you were gone. Promise.

22. Make space for all the “green” stuff again. And ALL. That. Gear.

23. Binge watch Scandal…or any other show your spouse hates.

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