Despite all the bumps that may come with reintegrating after deployment, there is one really great part…getting to fall in love with your spouse ALL OVER AGAIN.

This time can kick up a renewed honeymoon phase for you guys. Enjoy it!

Post-deployment sex might not happen right away and that’s normal. Every brief you’ll attend prior to homecoming, they will tell you to take your time jumping right back into the intimacy part of your relationship.

But for some people, the only thing you’ll be jumping is your spouse.

Do what works for you on that front but remember to have fun! Enjoy the fact that you get to sneak kisses on the couch. Grab a handful of hiney when your wife walks past you in the hallway.

Go on dates and pretend to be tourists in your own town. Remember what it was you loved about your spouse when you first started dating, because reintegration isn’t easy and there are going to be days you don’t even like the person taking up half the bed again.

Hold onto the moments that make you laugh and make you want to put a “do not disturb” sign on the front door.

Because being in love is what makes going through this whole vicious cycle of separation and reintegration worth it.

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