4) You might need to save that Marvin Gaye CD for the second night your spouse is home.


OK, so you’ve been separated from your spouse for many months. As the homecoming date gets closer, you might be flirting a little bit more during phone calls in anticipation of re-kindling the romance in your relationship. You have missed that touch, those kisses and so much more. Certainly the very minute you all get in the house and put the children to bed, you will be in the throws of passion for the next four or five days, right?

The truth about sex after homecoming is often times much different. More than likely your spouse has been traveling to get home for several days. He or she is sleep deprived, and hasn’t showered since they started the journey. And the kids are not interested in going to bed anytime soon, because they finally have mom or dad home! It’s OK if the magic doesn’t happen that first night. Nothing’s wrong.

In fact, some people need a little bit of time before they are comfortable being intimate again. Do not let the “story” of your friend, the one who was locked in the bedroom for 72 hours with her spouse acting like newlyweds, make you feel bad if it doesn’t happen right away.

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