Sitting in the pickup line, waiting for that final bell to ring on the last day of school I can feel the pit in my stomach grow. The pit is filled with equal part excitement and angst as the long, hot sticky summer looms before us. Even though I am over 30 years old, I still get excited for the freedom summer break gives us.

Unlimited pool trips, ice cream for dinner and free days filled with adventure provide our family with the bit of joy and adventure we need to get through the school-year, packed with endless activities to participate in, concerts to attend and lunches to pack. But along with the freedom comes a bit of worry. Worry that with all of the togetherness my children may possibly kill each other or that repeating myself 300 times a day really will cause my head to explode.

In order to avoid any sort of bodily harm to myself or my little angels, I have found the secret to an amazing summer is leveraging our military benefits.

There is no doubt that being in the military comes with its fair share of downfalls: constant moving, being far away from family and having your spouse in harms way all take a toll on military families. Thankfully many organizations understand the plight of the military family and offer amazing discounts/incentives to help military families make the most out of the long, hot sticky days of summer!

Here are our three tips to leveraging your military benefits to rock the summer of 2017.