MilSpouse Life: 8 Things Military Spouses Love to Collect

From advice to events to products and services, at Military Spouse we are all about connecting you with the things you love.

MilSpouse: Life is devoted to the products and services military spouses enjoy as a part of their everyday life.

We’ll take a behind the scenes look at some of the stuff we love, plus explore how these things make our lives fun and easier.

Here’s what you told us were some of your absolute favorite things you LOVE when it comes to chronicling our military lives:

  1. cat studio: the original geography collection. From pillows to tea towels to glassware, collect all of the states and your branch of the military with these collectibles that are eye candy for anyone who loves bright, colorful beautifully designed housewares.
  2. Nomades bracelets. Wear your love for the places you’ve lived and the experiences that you’ve had. From a list of duty station charms that grows every day to love story and life change charms that mark those special moments, these charms are custom-designed with military life in mind.
  3. License plates. Why not turn them into art? Even if you weren’t able to keep the plates off your vehicle (or you managed to not have to change them), show off all of the states you’ve lived in (maybe even an overseas plate?) with unique art that takes your military life into consideration
  4. Starbucks coffee mugs. We love to collect these mugs from our trips and travels. Their an easy way to remember your great memories each morning with your cup of coffee. And we know we love coffee!
  5. Polish Pottery. Military spouses love regional products but Polish Pottery seems to be one that we LOVE to collect even if we don’t live close to Poland. When stationed in Europe, military spouses will often take Polish Pottery trips to outlets to make a big purchase (hopeful that it will remain unbroken during their military move back to the states). What is your favorite Polish Pottery pattern?
  6. Vintage Travel Posters/Postcards. We collect all kinds of things but the unbreakable stuff might actually last us until retirement. From National Park posters to this military-take on the travel poster, this is a creative way to chronicle your journeys as a military family.
  7. Ho! Ho! MISTLETOE (12 Days of Christmas Code Word)! We love holiday ornaments. We collect them from every duty station and we also like to collect military related ornaments and decorations. Some of our favorites are locally inspired! And we like to share our favorites with each other – so you’ll often see a familiar ornament on a friend’s tree at a totally different duty station.
  8. Unit blankets. Yep. The FRG sells them and you buy one – but then you start collecting them, and then you have a ton of them! Usually made by this charming company you probably have a few in your closet! Show your pride. And stay warm (because we know the military can send you some pretty cold places!).

What are some of your favorite collectibles? And have they survived all of your moves?

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