I know, this one seems like a no-brainer, right? Well, I just figured we would make a store run when we got to our new place and pick it up then. Unfortunately for us, we were traveling during July 4th weekend and traffic was a hot mess! We didn’t reach our destination until 1 a.m. and no stores were open (not even Walmart)! We ended up having to use the leftover Taco Bell napkins we saved from our last pit-stop! Needless to say, our moods weren’t the only things left a little raw!

4. Seasonal Clothing.

10 years ago, we PCS’d from North Carolina in the month of November. When we left for the airport, the leaves were changing and there was a chill in the air. All of our summer attire was with the rest of our belongings on its way across the Pacific to our new duty station … in HAWAII. I’m sure you can imagine some of the looks we got when we arrived in tropically humid Honolulu wearing long pants and hoodies!

5. The Coffee Pot.

This one is a must. This one, RIGHT HERE is the one item (in my life) that will ultimately help determine the success or failure of a PCS for my family. Coffee is truly the ONLY constant in my life. It acts as my mood stabilizer, my respite and quite honestly my lifeline no matter where I am. This last PCS my husband drove his vehicle and I drove mine. My teenagers were in the backseat, my toilet paper, portable hard drive, summer clothes and parts box were in the trunk. My Keurig (and 3 boxes of K-Cups) rode shot-gun with me up front…seatbelt and all. #Priorities

What are YOUR ‘Must Haves’ when you PCS?

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