Finally in March, we received actual orders!

A sense of relief came over the both of us because at least we now know that we are actually heading to Bremerton! Now comes the next step: finding a house to rent that will accommodate our two labradors, be within our BAH and in an area that will be easy for her to get to her new command.

Upon looking at Zillow, Trulia, AHRN and multiple property management companies in the area, this was going to be no easy task! Every property we liked already had numerous applications pending, they didn’t allow large dogs or even pets at all, or the rent was not within our BAH. We enlisted the help of a Realtor that came very highly recommended by the name of Ida Bear Robb with Windermere and she helped set us up with a portal that would help us find a rental.

After a about a month of not making any progress, we decided to apply for base housing. We have never lived on base before so this will be a new experience for us as well. We filled out the necessary paperwork and got on the list. We are currently number 115. Great.

We also decided that we should also be open to purchasing a house as well. That way we can have our labradors, it will be ours, and with such a great rental market in the area, we will be able to rent it out to others that will be in the same situation as we were. We let Ida know that we want to look at buying and we kicked everything into high gear! We found some homes and Ida would go see them and we would FaceTime with her as she walked through the house and surrounding community. After a couple days we found a house and put in an offer and it was accepted!

We wanted this PCS to be different and also to make it an adventure. I think we have done just that and then some! Now we are counting down the days, 30 to be exact, until we make the trek across the very nation my wife has chosen to defend. That is also going to be different and that will be part 2.

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