Day three was from Nashville to Kansas City, Mo., with a quick stop in St. Louis for lunch. Today’s mileage: 557.

We were up around 0500 and headed to CrossFit 615 to workout while our friend took our dogs to the Barista Parlor for coffee and then we stopped by Yeast to pick up breakfast. Before we left we picked up some sliced lunch meats, cheese and some fruit to put in the cooler and we stopped for lunch in St. Louis under The Gateway Arch. We had never seen it before so it was pretty neat to see and also a great place to take a break. We ended up getting a parking ticket while we were eating but it was worth it! We pulled into our AirBnb, West Plaza Haven, in Memorial Hill in Kansas City around 1800 and it was a cute house on a hill. It had a small backyard, WiFi, washer and dryer, and a full kitchen. We were able to park in the driveway, which was nice, and we had dinner from Joe’s KC BBQ. Another day done!

Day four was from Kansas City to Laramie, Wyo., 684 miles.

This was the day that I was dreading the most. It was going to be our longest day for mileage and for time. We still got up early and went and worked out at CrossFit Memorial Hill and then we picked up breakfast at the Classic Cup Cafe and then we were on our way! After making it to Lincoln, Neb., I was doing my usual walk-around to make sure that tires were good, connections were good, etc., when I noticed that two of the tires were bald and you could barely see any tread on them.

Knowing that we would be heading across the state of Nebraska and not knowing what lay ahead, I wanted Uhaul to check them out. I located a Uhaul service center and stopped by to see about getting the tires changed. The person that I spoke to about the tires looked at them, checked their pressure, felt what was left of the tread and said, “The tires are OK.” “Are you sure?” I said. “Oh yea!” He replied. “I can still feel some tread and I have seen worse. And the tire pressure is good so you are good to go.”

I explained to him that we are not even half way to our destination and we need to make it to Laramie today and that the condition of the tires concerns me. He reassured me that they are fine and that I will have no problem making it to my destination. So, we pressed on. We pulled into Laramie around 2000 and we called in our dinner order to The Altitude Chophouse & Brewery ahead of time so all we had to do was make a quick stop to pick it up and then about a block away was our AirBnb, a Historic Downtown Apartment near the University of Wyoming, for the night. We made it! All tires intact as well! Our biggest and longest day was behind us!

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