Day seven was from Salt Lake City to Boise, Idaho, 345 miles.

We started the day just like all the other days, waking up early and going to workout. We dropped in at my sister’s CrossFit box, CrossFit West Jordan, and we all worked out together before heading to Boise. The drive wasn’t bad going to Boise either. One of the places we stopped for gas was in Malta, Idaho, and right on the gas pump display it read, “Welcome to the Middle of Nowhere.” How comforting yet comical at the same time. We pulled into our AirBnb, a private, full amenities, pet-friendly place to stay that was 5 minutes from downtown Boise, around 1800 and my wife and our friend went to go pick up dinner at Westside Drive-In. We relaxed a bit, did some laundry and then headed to bed knowing that the next day was our last day of driving!


Day eight, our final day, was from Boise, Idaho, to Port Orchard, Wash., 588 miles.

We woke up early and went and worked out at Boise CrossFit, showered, and then picked up breakfast at Big City Coffee and donuts at Guru Donuts. Probably some of the best donuts I have ever had! We talked to a lady at Boise CrossFit about our journey and we were trying to decide wether to go through the mountains or to drive along the Hood River, through Portland, Ore., and then up to Port Orchard. She suggested we take the Hood River route as it will be a bit easier and more scenic. She was right! We had great views of Mount Hood along the way and we could even see Mount Rainer off in the distance. Our new home was just on the other side of Mount Rainer! We were getting close! We arrived at our house around 1730, walked through our new home, and then unloaded our trailer so that we could return it and then find a place for dinner.

Our eight-day, 3,529.4-mile journey had finally come to an end. We wanted to make it an experience and something that we would talk about and remember for a while and I think we accomplished that. We met some wonderful people along the way which tells me that there is still some good left in people all across this great nation. When we tell people what we did, the places we saw and ate at along the way, almost all of them tell us what a fun trip that would be.

Would we do it again? Absolutely!

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